August 28, 2011


Just a little holler out to y’all who have been faithful followers of this blog.

if you didn’t already know it…I have a new blog! It is fabulous and I love it super-duperly much. Sooooo….go check it out!

love always,
amelia renee

August 3, 2011

hi there y’all!

it’s been forever since I’ve blogged….but no, I haven’t forgotten to write a new post…or been attacked & kidnapped by alians…or died of heat stroke. (; My life has been so, so crazy this summer! I’ve been nannying, working a few nights a week at a local sub shop, and I shot my first “big” wedding (eeeek! SO can’t wait to blog that!) and then started detasseling the next morning. Did that for 12 days straight. (12 days of getting up at 5 am…not your ideal summer. Unless you detassel, of course. (; )

SOOOOOO anyhow. Just thought I’d pop on & say hi, ask how everyone’s summer is going, and let you know to keep checking back. I’ve got some pretty fab posts coming up in the next few weeks & I’m really, reeeeeeaaally excited! (: Stay cool, enjoy august, & I’ll see you all again soon. (;

love always,

(pre-sneak peak of miss naomi!  haha. if that’s allowed?) (:

July 12, 2011

Contest Results!

Heyyyy y’all.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day! (yes, I realize that was last week… oops…but better late then never, right?! (;)

Well, today I will cut right to the chase and say that the winner of my little sonic contest post is…bah-da-bum-ping…. TAYLOR S! Congrats, girl! I’ll contact you and we’ll get this deal goin’, and that “hot fudge swirly shake thing” in your hands!

Stay cool out there, folks. It’s turning out to be a hot and humid summer!

love always,


June 30, 2011

a little summer fun!

If you know me, you may know that my latest favorite place to hang out is this very lovely drive-in food&drink place(:.  I fondly remember the days when my dear old dad would tell us how he used to love going there with his family. Once when we visited his hometown, we stopped there for their signature drink…and I despised it! Didn’t like it at all, nope, thanks, sorry.

Well, things have changed a bit for me, thankfully! And if you haven’t quite figured it out yet…this marvelous, magical place is called SONIC and we just had one built in where I live in the last 2 years or so. And oh how much do I love it! I’ve been there so many times…and how can you not, with their “before 11” and “happy hour” deals?! SO GOOD, I TELL YOU!

And, since it’s summertime and I’m feeling generous and happy and…Sonic-y! (hahaha.) I’ve decided to host a lil’ contest here on the bloggity!  (and to boost the comments on here a little bit too. they’ve been sadly lacking. ): )

rules (or guidelines. however you look at ’em!): Post a comment on here telling me what your favorite Sonic drink is! (that’s it! soooo easy!) and if you don’t have a favorite for whatever reason-maybe you don’t have a Sonic?-then tell me your favorite summertime drink!

Then I’ll go through & randomly pick someone out the comments and VOILA! you win a Sonic giftcard! (and, again, if you don’t have a sonic near you, we’ll work something out) (:

You have until Sunday, July 3rd at midnight to comment, and I’ll announce the winner next week! (ohhh yeah. and while you’re at it… “like” my fb photography page if you haven’t! I’d love to get past 100 fans;) )

So go tell all your friends about this, and then if they win, maybe they’ll take you out to Sonic! (;

Mmmmm. & so ya know, my favorite drink is the Cranberry Limeade. YUM! (:

love always,


June 28, 2011

You know it’s summer….

when you finally get to go out to the farm and go strawberry picking!

Mmmmmm. Strawberries are just one of my many favorite summertime fruits. (; You can use them in a plethora of recipes (mainly desserts!) or make smoothies…or just eat them plain! With or without sugar, take your pick. My mom and I took the two little boys I nanny during the summer strawberry picking a few weeks back, and I’m finally just going through the photos. If you’ve never been, you should go sometime. It’s a fun way to get some sun…and some yummmmmy & healthy fruit!

gotta have a fun big hat for the hot sun.

mmmm. yummy, messy goodness!

love always!

June 19, 2011

Father’s Day:::personal

Well, he taught me my Bible
From seven to thirteen
Taught me to drive when I was a wild thing
I reached and he prayed when I made some mistakes
That I wouldn’t have made if I’d’ve done it his way

Daddy’s Little Girl//Kippie Brannon

I love my father. He has been the best dad I could have ever asked for, and I say that with complete sincerity. Now, that doesn’t mean that I’ve always been happy with him…like alllll those years he forced me to play violin (; …or said we had to go to church together as a family….or made me listen to my mother… or told me if I wanted the iPhone, I’d have to pay for the data myself. But because of those things, I’ve grown as a person.

I now have skill as a violinist (I’m not the best one…but I’m pretty decent!;) ) and I value going to church with my family, (although I’m finding my way at some other ones now)….and I’ve learned money management and (hopefully!) some self-discipline. (;

Daddy, thanks for loving me through all the good times and the bad…the times I’ve screamed and acted like a child, and the times that I’ve made you proud. Thank you for teaching me the important lessons in life, like how to persevere through tough situations, make it through chemistry and algebra II without failing, and most importantly, learn how to live my life for Jesus.  You have set your eyes on Him, and it shows in how you live your life. I’ve seen it play out over the past 19 years, and realized it more recently. You’ve shown me an earthly glimpse of what my true Father is like:) and, thank you for all the hard work that you do…I really DO appreciate it!

I. love. you. (:

June 9, 2011


“And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It’s you, it’s you, You make me sing.
You’re every line, you’re every word, you’re everything.”

-Michael Buble, Everything

The Merrills are a family that really, truly, deeply love each other. Now, of course they have squabbles (trust me, I’ve seen a few. (; ) but the truth of it is: they are family, and they mean the world to each other. ANother thing I love about this family is that they make everyone else feel like a part of their family! They are such a giving, loving family….and I think that you can see that in these photos of them. Enjoy! (:

love always,


June 7, 2011

‘are you gonna kiss me or not?’

Oh my word. You all are in for a treat! I’ve been so blessed to be chosen as the photographer for Crystal & Zac’s wedding next month….and their engagements, too! (: We did them last month (I know, I’m so behind on blogging it’s not funny.) But they rocked it & picked some pretty gorgeous locations. With God providing a perfect spring evening, all I had to do was show up!




love always,


June 7, 2011

it’s not the wood that saves, it’s the Man who came and wore it.

[Mike Mains and The Branches, Stereo.]

It’s late. 12:09 am. Early, actually, if you want to be technical. I got into bed about 10:30…popped back out about an half-hour ago. Started doing some research for a project on my laptop, and ended up on Katie’s Blog. I cry every. single. time. It’s so real, so honest. The joy, the pain that she shares with those who end up on her little page of the internet. And my heart just cries out when I hear of the latest news, be it in a sad or rejoicing spirit.

Katie’s life has impacted so many people because of the risks she has taken, the sacrifices she has made for the Kingdom of God. I know that she has strongly influenced my best friend’s desire to go to Africa (and she’s going to Kenya for almost 5 weeks this summer!). But in my life, Katie has made me think. I’ve realized how selfish I am, how un-humble and weak in faith I am, and how extremely blessed I am.

It has definitely made me wonder, is it wrong to want to be successful? To live a life where I am able to enjoy myself and possessions such as the much coveted iPhone? (; I think, ultimately, that it is a heart issue, as it is with so many other items & issues. It starts with God, the Giver of Life and all that is good. He will choose to bless me with jobs, opportunities, and finances. Then, it is up to me to make the right decisions, to take them or leave them, to squander or spend wisely.

Someday, I’ll perhaps be able to (in good conscience) afford that shiny white iPhone of my dreams….but today I choose to go simpler, and instead share some of those Ben Franklin’s with others such as Katie, who are doing the impossible. Because with God, all things are possible. And even if I’m not in a position to go to Africa right now, or build a house in Alabama, or feed starving children in a third world country in person, I can support those who do with my finances and my prayers.

May 29, 2011

Two posts in one.

I’m saving time and space since I’m kinda behind in posting. And I still have a mile long list of things to do today and it’s already 4:42! So I’mma cutting to the chase: here is Sam! She’s a dear and I love getting to know her, either via the internet or pie night at the Village. (;

check.her.outttt! isn’t she gorgeous?!
and now for family time. (;
I did Anita’s senior photos last fall and her mom wanted some portraits of the family. I’m just going to post a few favs…but boy, are they a good looking bunch!

love always!