18 Things (:

This weeks post is 18 things about me…one for every year of my life!

1) I was born in Hawaii, 2 days after the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  For those of you who aren’t so great with math (like me!) that’s December 9, 1991. The reason: I was a preemie &….

2) My dad was in the Air Force! So I got to spend 3 years growing up in Japan & 4 years in Germany, & then of course we moved here to CF Iowa because my dad had a friend who worked for this great Christian doctors office & he’s still with them. (: Anyway, I loved growing up overseas ( & all the fun traveling! tho I didn’t appreciate it then) and it kinda makes me want to marry a service man. As in, someone in the military (: haha. We’ll see if that’s what God has in store for me.

3) I was homeschooled until 9th grade. It was the best childhood I could have asked for & I miss it a lot especially not seeing my homeschooled friends as often, like at co-op. But public school has been a blessing for me as well, hard but good. I’ve made lots of awesome friends & learned lots about myself.

4) I have random dance parties in my bedroom. Especially to Owl City. (:  This might stem from wanting to be a “swimmer-singer-dancer girl.” Unnnfortunately, my dance studio burnt down after my first year of lessons & mom never signed me back up. 😦 But there is still hope, right? haha.

5)I’ve played violin for like 10 years. Yeah, its a long time. Ok, since this post has gotta have a photo…

6) My family watches the Waltons. It’s this awesome tv show about a family with 7 kids in the Appalachians in the depression. SO GOOD!

7) Country music is awesome. And barn dances. Yes please (:

8) I’m a very social person. Very. I love talking. Can you tell?

9) I don’t swear. At all. So get used to it.

10) Never had a boyfriend. not yet, anyway. (;  BUt I sure wouldn’t mind a prom date this year!

11) I’m SO addicted to tea and cheese-its. Not necessarily together, though (: In fact, I’m drinking some Earl Grey right now!

12) I’m a bookworm. I read just about anything I can get my hands on. It’s bad when it gets in the way of my homework. I’m working on that. (;

13) I love clothes and shopping and dresses. AND headbands. They are my new fav accessories! Target has some reallyyyy great ones!

14) My family has this great tradition of going skiing. I learned over in Europe, and then we have gone out to Colorado every year since we moved back to the states except for last year. Nothing like them mountains (:

15) I love music & theatre & photography. Duh. (: I’m very into the artsy side of life.

16) I love traveling! Besides CO, my fave place that I’ve been would have to be France last summer with my french teacher & a bunch of students. But that might change this spring break, cuz the orchestra is going to the Bahamas, baby!

17) I love kids. SO much. Especially boys. Annnd little girls (: haha. I really hope that God will bless me with a large & noisy houseful. Sooner than later (: I just so want to get married & have kids.

18) God is my Love, and I’m growing so much in my faith already this year. One of my goals is to read my Bible every day this year, because I’ve slacked. Growing up in the church its so easy to just slack in your faith because you go to church & youth group & such, and I really am going to take steps this year to make my relationship with God this year REAL to me. & hopefully I’ll learn to hear from Him. You know, I think I did today. (: God is so good.

So, hopefully you learned something new about me. If you didn’t, you just know me too well (:


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