The sun always sets, but then, it always rises again!

These last few months have been crazy around here at my place. We’ve been working on the tail end of remodeling our upstairs of our house, I had AP tests and finals, was in a local production of the Music Man, had Graduation, then shows and trying to find a job. It has been hectic to say the least!

Last Orchestra concert ever. It was really sad for me, because I’ve played violin for 11 years and have gotten really close with these 3 chicas through orchestra, and also with Mr. Hall, our director. (:

This is Fiddlesticks- my violin group (: I love these kids SO much…they are all incredibly talented! This was taken at the Suzuki final concert (Suzuki is the organization that I’ve taken violin with all these years. It has been hard, so hard, but I’m so very thankful that my parents didn’t let me quit!)

Being a senior=you can do whatever you want! After orchestra was done, we hung outside during 4th hour almost every day and ate lunch/talked/took photos/etc. It was prettttty awesome!

Of course, I had to have an open house! This is what I wore…its a friend’s dress but I LOVED it! Unfortunately, I only got like 2 photos taken of me at my open house. 😦 That’s what happens when YOU are the photographer!

Say hello to Aaron & Carol RIGGS! This wedding was sooo much fun. I loved everything about it! The Riggs family … well, lets say we go way back. (; and Carol, the gorgeous bride, interned with our church youth group this past year and we’ve all gotten to know and love her. They just moved out to CO and we all miss them exxxtremely!

Last day of high school was hard. It was fun, granted, but hard. I call myself the “old person in spirit” because I miss things before they end! I’m one of the few who wasn’t super excited to graduate, for many reasons, but one being that i’ll miss allllll my friends a crap TON!

Open housing is so extreeeeemly fun! This pic is of Jessa, Kels, and myself at Kelsey’s open house. (: I think I went to 14 that day? it was pretty crazy!

And finally, it was May 30th. THE DAY. I walked down that isle, and received my diploma! It was exciting, and sad, and undescribable. The end of a chapter, the close of a book. But then, it is also the beginning of something new. (:

To end this post, here is a photo of myself in my costume for the Music Man! I really loved it, from the lace-up soft leather boots to the longgggg skirt!




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