Red lipstick & pearls.

Dear everyone who reads my blog (probably around 3 people, but hey!),

I’m sorry that I’ve been so terrible at blogging. Honestly, it isn’t my biggest priority, but I LOVE looking at other photography blogs, so I should probably get into the habit of blogging.

This is about my photoshoot with the loverly miss miranda. (: I’ve mentioned her before, quite a while ago…and here she is again, this time, as a redhead!

rockin’ the retro hat. (;

She knows how to work her stuff!

This beautiful locket is actually an antique, passed down from Miranda’s great-grandmother I believe. SO gorgeous, and she wears it well!

look at those heels. Her feet must have killed, but she didn’t show it. Nope! What a trooper for fashion’s sake. (;

We threw a colorful hat in for fun….

and then did a quick costume change!

fierce, I tell you.

threw in a guitar…

and even a fun new hat!

Who knew, she even makes a cute nerd! (;

haha. so cute. (:

this girl could have a future in modeling. We’ll see. Miranda, you are so beautiful, inside and out. I’m so honored to be your friend. Keep on being the light that you are to this dark world. (: ❤


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