Sturgis Falls- Simply the Best. (Pt.1)

Here in Cedar Falls, the last weekend of June is marked off everyone’s calendar from the moment they open them on Christmas morning the December before. That’s because, the last weekend of June is Sturgis Falls!  It is only the favorite weekend of the year! It’s a talent show, carnival, concerts, amazing food, the BEST smoothies in the world, old & new friends, and a smile that doesn’t wipe off your face. (:  This year, I was hired to photograph kids in the Kidsway Tent. For those of you not familiar with Sturgis, the Kidsway tent has activities going all day long, all weekend long for children 2-12 (ok, anyone, really.)  There is Willy S. Wonderful the clown, the Balloon Man, face painting, and all sorts of entertainers from magicians to musicians! Basically, its a kids’ dream come true. (;

Willy signing posters for the winners of the coloring contest.

Some kids were pretty stoked about their prizes. (; (others, not so happy to be there.)

the piano man. He was extremely talented. I really enjoyed him, dunno about all those kiddies though!

This one right here is a favvvvvvv. Oh my word, so cute. (: It pretty much sums up Sturgis Falls Kidsway tent-balloons and chalk!

Winners of the Costume Parade. They were UNI Cheerleaders, fyi. hahaha. I love the “panther” on the right.

Hey cuties. (:

Her costume was just too adorable. I’m SO dressing my little girl in a butterfly-fairy costume someday. (;

The bike races! This little two-year-old had some att-i-tude!

Suzuki timeee! I was in the awesome music program for 10 years….& I have many memories of playing at the Kids Tent. Not all of them are so fond…..

Do I know these people? Oh yeahhh… (; Joey & Jessica were 2/3 of the winners of the Sturgis Falls Scholarship! Congrats, guys.

Best smoothies in the ENTIRE WORLD. No joke.

and one last photo for this post. Stay tuned for more!


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