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September 29, 2010

|i have seen so much beauty it could make you cry|

Dearest blog readers,

I am so very sorry that I’ve been so late in posting these. But, alas, I’m a full time college student with other responsibilities and activities as well.

Anyyyway:)…I took Anita’s senior pictures going on two weeks ago. It was chilly and spitting little rain drops or mist, so I wasn’t sure if we should call it off and reschedule. But Anita was such a trooper, and I absolutely love the way they turned out! Shooting on overcast days may just be my favorite thing now! (; Miss Anita is thinking about engineering, a profession that I have a great admiration for, seeing as many of my friends’ parents are engineers (living in a John Deere community you get that a lot!) Anita, dear–enjoy the rest of your senior year! I’m excited to hear more about your college plans when that unfolds!



I am in.loveeee with this bench!

The way I actually met Anita was back in Junior High Orchestra..and she’s still involved with the orchestra up at the high school. You go girl!

Anita loves books, so we ended our session at the UNI library! (: mmmmmmhm.

September 26, 2010

Sweet Summertime

As much as I love autumn, and winter…I love summer.

Summertime: warm winds, poolside chats, lemonade in a sweating glass, sunshine & tan-ness, birds singing, sleeping in. All that and more. I’m missing it a little right now.

But, I know that it’ll come around again next year, so for now..I’m going to enjoy the cooler weather, fall drinks and treats, and my sweatshirts. Bye-bye, butterfly…see you soon!

September 24, 2010

Adam&Kassy. (:

How excited am I to blog this? VERY EXCITED! Adam and Kassy are my first couple to date (no pun intended!) and I was super thrilled to shoot them! They’re so comfortable together, which made it a breeze. (: I love the both of them soooo much, and have such an appreciation for them, because although they’re attending two different colleges, they still make it work. –Adam & Kass, thank you SO much for letting me do this! I had a blast! (:

I think they kinda like each other… (;

September 21, 2010

Sneak peak…Senior session!

I’ll be posting a real post–or two!- soon. So hold tight! But here are a few fun pictures to tide you over… (:

September 18, 2010


Sneak peak of a couples shoot I did recently!

Be watching for a new blog post soon! (:

September 14, 2010

Sarah | Senior ’11

Gooooooodness gracious. I am so blessed to have gorgeous friends, and Sarah is no exception! We had a blast shooting her senior session- stealing into pastures, hiding out underneath an awesome wooden bridge, and even climbing above a water fountain! (: Ladies and Gents, I give you Sarah- one of my dearest friends, and favorite seniors so far!

ps. I’m messing around with photo sizes–would you rather have them this size or the size done previously?

September 9, 2010



It’s a subject that I’ve been pondering a lot lately, due to changes in my life, and pretty major ones at that. Change. It’s so hard to go through. Sometimes it’s easy, and enjoyable, but there is almost always a painful side to it. Other times, its hard from the start to the finish line, and even after that!

I’ve gone through quite a bit of change in my life, a lot of it before I really understood that life was changing. The earlier change, I liked. I’m so thankful that I was able to grow up in Japan, and then in Germany, before moving to the good ole US of A.  (: My life didn’t change majorly for a while. I was homeschooled, involved with the kids ministry and youth group at my church, and saw my friends a lot. The first distinct & very major change was when I was switched from homeschooling to public school in 9th grade. I got some tough love from some of the boys (oh, immature, junior high boys…) and didn’t fully understand how the system worked. Then, the spring of my 9th grade year, my parents dropped the bomb that we were moving. Not anything like across the country, only across town, but it still didn’t set well with me. AT ALL. I cried, begged, pleaded, wept. Anything I thought would change my parents’ decision. I liked where we lived, for crying out loud! However, time passed and my family moved, and that fall I started 10th grade up at the high school- another big change.

Thankfully, my life settled down for a while. This fall, though, I’ve had some very hard goodbyes to say to some very close friends, and had to open up my life to a new chapter: College. (: I think, though, that this may be one of the best changes yet! (besides accepting Jesus into my heart, and forming relationships with my best friends, I’ll add!)

So, here’s to change, the good, bad, and ugly. The very ugly. (; Here’s a photo from my first day of public school in 9th grade…I am so very glad some things have changed! (:

September 2, 2010


My family’s church’s mission statement is “We help people become Joyous, Passionate Followers of Jesus.” I just love that. In the past few years, we’ve made changes in how we do things to help our members grow, and also to share our Joy with the surrounding communities here in the Cedar Valley, such as AWANAs and having greeters at our main entrances every Sunday morning.

A few weeks back, we threw a big picnic/party/grillout called SummerFest for the neighborhoods and whoever wanted to come. It was such a blast! Popcorn, cotton candy, hotdogs, cookies, face paint, a dunk tank…it was kid heaven, folks. I was assigned to be one of the photographers (of course! (; ) and had a blast observing everyone having a blast and being loved on by so many members of our church. Hopefully we were able to share Jesus’ love with the Cedar Valley. Now…for some pictures! There are a lot-consider yourself warned.

the grill-master…also one of my favorite doctors everrr. haha. we go way back. (: I love his shirt. It fit right in to what the point of SummerFest was!

A good time to just be together as a family…

Or to get to know someone new.

the bounce house was pretty exciting for most of the little kids…

and the dunk tank was very popular with the elementary crowd!

and other games were popular with the older kids.

mmmm. Kate likes licking her catsup. Hahahaha. (It does look like she’s licking her cookie..nope! Its the catsup on her hotdog!)

this was the cutest thing ever. No clue if they’re brothers or just friends….but awwwwh!

and now for some more random photos from SummerFest. I warned you this would be long!

this little boys was so cute. I really just wanted to take him home….mhhhm. (;

This last photo just sums up summer for me (: looove it, even if it is blurry.