My family’s church’s mission statement is “We help people become Joyous, Passionate Followers of Jesus.” I just love that. In the past few years, we’ve made changes in how we do things to help our members grow, and also to share our Joy with the surrounding communities here in the Cedar Valley, such as AWANAs and having greeters at our main entrances every Sunday morning.

A few weeks back, we threw a big picnic/party/grillout called SummerFest for the neighborhoods and whoever wanted to come. It was such a blast! Popcorn, cotton candy, hotdogs, cookies, face paint, a dunk tank…it was kid heaven, folks. I was assigned to be one of the photographers (of course! (; ) and had a blast observing everyone having a blast and being loved on by so many members of our church. Hopefully we were able to share Jesus’ love with the Cedar Valley. Now…for some pictures! There are a lot-consider yourself warned.

the grill-master…also one of my favorite doctors everrr. haha. we go way back. (: I love his shirt. It fit right in to what the point of SummerFest was!

A good time to just be together as a family…

Or to get to know someone new.

the bounce house was pretty exciting for most of the little kids…

and the dunk tank was very popular with the elementary crowd!

and other games were popular with the older kids.

mmmm. Kate likes licking her catsup. Hahahaha. (It does look like she’s licking her cookie..nope! Its the catsup on her hotdog!)

this was the cutest thing ever. No clue if they’re brothers or just friends….but awwwwh!

and now for some more random photos from SummerFest. I warned you this would be long!

this little boys was so cute. I really just wanted to take him home….mhhhm. (;

This last photo just sums up summer for me (: looove it, even if it is blurry.


One Comment to “SummerFest!”

  1. Heyyy! This is probably my favorite post yet! This is adorable! I love it! I definitely see some Denise Bovee or something in this…. I love love love these! You rock!

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