|i have seen so much beauty it could make you cry|

Dearest blog readers,

I am so very sorry that I’ve been so late in posting these. But, alas, I’m a full time college student with other responsibilities and activities as well.

Anyyyway:)…I took Anita’s senior pictures going on two weeks ago. It was chilly and spitting little rain drops or mist, so I wasn’t sure if we should call it off and reschedule. But Anita was such a trooper, and I absolutely love the way they turned out! Shooting on overcast days may just be my favorite thing now! (; Miss Anita is thinking about engineering, a profession that I have a great admiration for, seeing as many of my friends’ parents are engineers (living in a John Deere community you get that a lot!) Anita, dear–enjoy the rest of your senior year! I’m excited to hear more about your college plans when that unfolds!



I am in.loveeee with this bench!

The way I actually met Anita was back in Junior High Orchestra..and she’s still involved with the orchestra up at the high school. You go girl!

Anita loves books, so we ended our session at the UNI library! (: mmmmmmhm.


4 Comments to “|i have seen so much beauty it could make you cry|”

  1. Oh my word…. Mia…. those are AMAZING! Like, Denise-worthy. Speechless.

  2. Get out. NO they aren’t! hahaha.
    for one, Denise is SOOO vintage with her post-proccessing. Annnd, mine is like crap compared to that.
    Anita’s just gorgggg. Hahahaha.
    But, thanks.;)

  3. But I love how creative you are with these!! I looked at these and gave a breath of thanks for having such talented friends. Anita IS gorgeous…. But your skillz with that camera rocks!

  4. again thank u so much Amelia!!!!! 🙂

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