November! and Mikayla! Can life get better than this?

Oh my goodness. It’s NOVEMBER! Can you believe that? This semester has flown by and I don’t know when or where it went. Partially it might have to do with those 80 degree days in October. (; But I am not complaining in the least. Why? you ask. Because Amelia.loves.the.holidays. LOVES them. And I can start openly listening to my Christmas music once Halloween is past. (I listen to it –in moderation, mind you–starting in September.) And now that Thanksgiving is 3 weeks away, I can start preparing up for the holidays!

I tell all my friends that it’s cause I’m a December baby. But we’ll get into all that later, seeing as my church has a Christmas Bazaar on Saturday and I’m sure I’ll post some photos from that. (: Right now, I have a senor shoot to blog! So, now that I’m back on task…. This is Mikayla. Also known as Kayla, Kayla_jo, and Kay-Kay. Among other names. We’ve been friends for years, and her family is moving to Australia in the next month or two with the Navigators to head up their ministry there. We are all SO excited for them–as much as we’ll miss them, we know that it’s the Lord’s will and He’s got an abundance of opportunities for them there. So, Kayla and I spent a whole lovely afternoon together-eating lunch at Red Lobster and exploring Cedar Falls (including finding two .TWO!. random couches.) Oh yes, and playing with her grandpa’s new “toy.” Deeee-lightful!

Leave her some love!

ps Someone googled this and found my blog.. “ministry photos 2010 “dunk tank” ” how funny! (:

and if you want to overloaded with pictures of this gorgeous girl, visit my facebook fan page here!


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