For the Joy of Human Love…I am thankful.

just for fun, I thought I’d post some photos that my friend Kristine took of me! It’s a rare occasion that I get new artsy/pro(ish) looking photos of myself due to the fact that I’m always behind my camera snapping away. So a few weeks ago I took one of my friends out for an hour to just catch up on life and scope out some new places in the ‘ghetto’ of waterloo. (which apparently isn’t actually the ghetto but sure felt like it to me!) Of COURSE, I took my camera and we took a few shots, and I actually was pleased with the way that most of them came out!

So …enjoy some pictures of me! (; haha.

and my personal favorite….

Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow with all your family & be safe! (: I’ll hopefully put up a holiday post soon..but as my family is traveling tomorrow I’m not sure what my schedule will be like. That being said, enjoy your turkey! (:


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