this huge yet tiny world we live in

one thing that I’ve been thinking about lately is the fact that there are SO MANY PEOPLE in this crazy, spherical world of ours. Most of which I have never met, nor will I meet in my lifetime. But some of them out there….I will meet, someday. Today, however, they a covered by a fog of tomorrows; unknown faces and stories that I have yet to see and hear. My future someday-adult best friend may be out there…maybe she’s in school right now, or texting her boyfriend, or sleeping, or reading. My future husband too is walking this earth, going about his daily routine. Yet it’s probable that we have not met…families, stories, lives just as real as mine. Yet I know NOTHING of their going-ons. It’s such a mind-boggling concept to me. Think of all the girls out there that could–would!– be my best friends if only we knew each other, grew up in the same town, went to church together, took high school English together.

But that’s not the way it is. Not today, anyway…although it’s possible we’ll meet. Tomorrow, in 3 years, in 50.

And then there is the thought that I could have been born as any.other.person on this planet.

I might have been born into a wealthy, elite family in a large city, or to a poor family of 10 struggling to get by in Uganda, or into a family of 3 in China and given up to adoption. I might have been born into any number of families, in any number of situations, in any number of places on this earth. Yet I was placed delicately by the fingers of God into my family. MY FAMILY. The people who have loved me since birth, shown me the world, inspired, humiliated, angered, and nurtured me. The mom who has given me a love for food and sewing (even though it takes begging for me to do them most of the time). Who taught me embroidery and knitting and how to clean a house. And how to laugh at life. The dad who has given me an appreciation for music of all kinds–including classical. (; Who forced me to practice hours of violin and piano and voice, knowing that in the end it would pay off. Who taught me that random singing of old songs and musicals and random movie quotes make life spontaneous and fun. And that hugs are one of the best things God created. The little sister who has continually helped my mind to grown, and my imagination bloom. She who has helped me understand why in the world people would want to run! or do any sport for that matter. That beauty and passion comes from within–and just because you don’t constantly tell the world your feelings doesn’t mean you don’t have them strongly. (; and that sisters can actually be best friends.

I’m so blessed to have been placed in such a wonderful family by God, and I don’t thank Him enough for them. Because of my family, I’ve seen places in the world most people my age haven’t, I’ve got enough interests and passions to last 2 lifetimes, and huge brainfull of memories, and a heart full of love. (: And most importantly, a relationship with the Creator of the Universe…who loves me more than I can imagine and sent His Son to die for me so that I might live eternally. What more could I ask for?

Nothing. (:


~You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.–2 Corinthians 9:11

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone. Take a moment today to be thankful for your life & how God has blessed you!





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