once upon these days

i absolutely LOVE being 19…my life ahead of me. young enough to have big dreams but old enough to have some of them come true!

i’m a dreamer. an artist. i’m constantly inspired by the world around me. it is such an exciting thing for me, to explore and discover daily, be it through a magazine, nature, or cyberspace. so, i’m going to share just a few of the things that inspire me, make me feel alive, today.

-the cold, white wisps of snow blowing across my barn roof in ghostly drifts.


-art. (painting. interior design. fashion. sketches. watercolor. real-life nature!)

-piano music. heck, any classical music. nah…make that music in general! (but classical is def inspiring!)

– antique stores and thrift shops.


-being artsy-craftsy. and making valentines! (anyone want to hire me?!) (;

-anything vintage. (modcloth. etsy. annie brooks.)

-babies. and children. (:

-videos. (taking them, making them, watching them, studying them. i am such a visual person, can’t you tell?)


-candles. mmmm!

-the Bible. it’s so amazing, inspiring, refreshing.


-and, of course, photography. on blogs, in magazines, in books or on video. it never ceases to release emotions within me. open my mind, break my heart, bring a smile to my face or tears to my eyes.

and i’m sure that there are sooo many more things, places, people that i haven’t thought of to put in this post. so, maybe i’ll just have to do it again? let me know what you think…and what inspires YOU! (:


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