inspiration comes in many forms.

today it comes in the form of my brand new, fresh off the press, J.Crew Catalogue! Ohhhh it is a beautiful thing. (: If you don’t get it, and you love looking at fresh fashion, and gorgeous clothes, and stunning models, than J.Crew is for you! (Notice I said looking…and not always buying. But if you have the funds, go for it! Or buy me something. (; I only have 2 items from J.Crew’s clearance…but I do love what I have!)  Enough talking, though. Take a peek at this simple yet detailed catalogue. (:

and last but not least: the men’s section. ahhhh. my future husband has got to be classy and dress like a j.crew model…at least once in a while. (;

[all images taken from google, unless otherwise cited.]


2 Comments to “inspiration comes in many forms.”

  1. I get so excited when my jcrew catalogue comes in. 😛

  2. Ahhhh I LOVE the swimsuits! Gorgeous!

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