my winterish ‘spring break’ {personal}

I can’t wait to share some up-and-coming engagements and weddings that I’ve been booking for this spring and summer! But you’ll just have to wait…. (; I’ve been busy with school and work lately, and with iowa winters, most people tend to wait until it warms back up to schedule their shoots. It can get pretty nasty outside, so I completely understand. (although: I’m perfectly up to shooting outdoors in the winter if my clients want to brave the cold & snow.)

I guess that it’s pretty obvious that I love winter and snow, considering that I went to Colorado last week during my spring break, and not some warm, sunny beach on the coast. What can I say? I was raised that way! Since my family moved to the States when I was 6 1/2, I’ve not gone skiing in Colorado only twice (I think). And I’ve been skiing since I was 4! Let’s just say it’s a pretty major part of my life. In the, I-only-ski-once-a-year kind of way.

This year I wasn’t expecting to get to skiing, for multiple reasons. One: I’m in college and working a part time job, and it’s difficult to ask off a lot of time, because it’s a local small biz. Two: My family wasn’t planning on going. MAJOR problem there. (My dad was working, and my little sister and mom were going on the tri-annual high school choir trip.) Three: I’d planned on spending some quality time with all my friends who were coming home from out of town colleges.

Then, I heard that a group from the Navigators at our local university had plans to go out to Colorado over break. To Ski. Sign me up! I got the info, turned in the papers and money, and was up at 5am Saturday morning, March 12, to head out west.

It was such a blast. I only knew one of the leaders and his family (I actually just blogged his little boys a few posts ago) and my Bible study leader, Betsy. And I ended up making lots of great friends, spending time praising God in His marvelous creation, working (dining and housekeeping. dining is soo much better.) and skiing for 3 days:) It was such a wonderful break from my very predictable schedule of school, work, and homework. And if you’ve never gone skiing in Colorado–GO! It’s the best of times:)


(p.s.:these were all taken on my point&shoot, because I didn’t want to worry about my ‘baby’ up on the mountain!)

we went up to the top of the mountain, right before they shut the lift down. it was windyyyy!



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