late-night, thursday kind of thoughts.

I’ve been stressing a lot lately.


As I’m sure you’re aware, stress is a part of life, and it is not fun. However,  it is possible to put more stress than necessary upon yourself. Which just so happens to be what I’ve been doing. I have a lot coming up this summer, and I’m so excited about it! But I am also out-of-my-wits nervous about it.  Making lists. Worrying. Searching the entire contents of blogs for potential help…stressing.

Thanks to this stress, I’ve started breaking out and I’ve had a headache all afternoon. (of course, eating a just a package a little debbie’s for lunch doesn’t help, either.) And I was starting to get upset with myself. Kinda going crazy. Not so good, you know?

And I realized something. I’ve got my priorities all wrong. It’s not about me. Nope. Nothing is. The world, this business, even my life. It’s about Someone much greater.

I’d allowed myself to forget that. Worry and uncertanty had crept in the back door, because I’d left it open for that when I had started to focus on these worries. on me.

So. I’m taking a step back. I’m trusting that God will provide for my needs, I’m giving Him these exciting but scary situations, and I’m going to set my priorities back where they belong. On glorifying Jesus with my life. Knowing Him, and helping to make His Name known.

Because that is what this life, all life, is all about.


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