April showers bring May flowers;)

I am so excited that it is finally warming up, and the sun is out and shining again! (it rained here for at least a week. Felt like I would neeeeever see the sun again! I’m sure you know how I felt. Blech.) Thanks to the good ol’ sunshine that is out now, our flowers are out in full bloom, soaking up the warmth, and they are a very welcome sight! I went out to get some photos of them in their prime, and stumbled apon some pretty little violets poking up between the cracks in our brick walkway. As my sweet friend Rachel pointed to me, it is so amazing that God can take something so mundane and dead and inanimate, even, and prove His majesty and power by giving something so dainty and beautiful life. Right there, among the “dead” stuff.

and it goes even farther than that! We, as sinful people, are just as dirty and dead. But God sees our potential. Even though we’re stuck in a not-so-glamerous place, be it physically or spiritually or any other way, He sees our potential. And if we just reach up the the Son, and drink up the Living Water…He can change us into something beautiful!

He’s pretty amazing, huh? (:


One Comment to “April showers bring May flowers;)”

  1. Beautifully put 🙂 🙂 🙂

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