milestone #27: shoot my first wedding!

Everyone has milestones in their life. Some are bigger than others. First bath, first tooth, first step, first day of school, first lost tooth, first crush, first time driving a car….you name it. It’s the same for a photographer. (Well, almost. You usually don’t have to doting parents there taking roll after roll of film to document, ’cause, well, you’re the one taking all the pictures. (; and, we’re in the digital stage. btw. not film. (; )

I’ve had my share of typical “firsts” and now I’m learning as a photographer how to handle the new, exciting and sometimes scary firsts coming my way! First ‘real’ digital camera (2008? I think. gosh, my memory is bad.), first blog post, first senior shoot….family shoot…kidlet photos….etc. I still have many more “firsts” to come, but a few weekends ago I had a very exciting first: a wedding! I’ve heard what many esteemed photographers have said about wedding photography. Jasmine Star says that it is one of the hardest things in the photography world, so it was safe to say that I went in to this nervously. But, I did it out of love and with all of who I am, gave it everything I have and know, and it went pretty smoothly–despite the constant rain outside and un-idea photography conditions inside for portraits. (:

Now: enjoy Kevin & Rachel’s wedding day!


love always!



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