it’s not the wood that saves, it’s the Man who came and wore it.

[Mike Mains and The Branches, Stereo.]

It’s late. 12:09 am. Early, actually, if you want to be technical. I got into bed about 10:30…popped back out about an half-hour ago. Started doing some research for a project on my laptop, and ended up on Katie’s Blog. I cry every. single. time. It’s so real, so honest. The joy, the pain that she shares with those who end up on her little page of the internet. And my heart just cries out when I hear of the latest news, be it in a sad or rejoicing spirit.

Katie’s life has impacted so many people because of the risks she has taken, the sacrifices she has made for the Kingdom of God. I know that she has strongly influenced my best friend’s desire to go to Africa (and she’s going to Kenya for almost 5 weeks this summer!). But in my life, Katie has made me think. I’ve realized how selfish I am, how un-humble and weak in faith I am, and how extremely blessed I am.

It has definitely made me wonder, is it wrong to want to be successful? To live a life where I am able to enjoy myself and possessions such as the much coveted iPhone? (; I think, ultimately, that it is a heart issue, as it is with so many other items & issues. It starts with God, the Giver of Life and all that is good. He will choose to bless me with jobs, opportunities, and finances. Then, it is up to me to make the right decisions, to take them or leave them, to squander or spend wisely.

Someday, I’ll perhaps be able to (in good conscience) afford that shiny white iPhone of my dreams….but today I choose to go simpler, and instead share some of those Ben Franklin’s with others such as Katie, who are doing the impossible. Because with God, all things are possible. And even if I’m not in a position to go to Africa right now, or build a house in Alabama, or feed starving children in a third world country in person, I can support those who do with my finances and my prayers.


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