When did my love–no, my obsession–with photography start? That’s debatable! Was it when I received my first point-and-shoot film camera for Christmas, or when I ‘borrowed’ my parents digital camera until I got my own, or when I finally got my first DSLR at age 16? I’m not really sure. (:

What I am sure of is that I’m in love with taking pictures, and I am so thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to grow in my photography since my mentor for a sophomore semester project on photography told me I had an eye for photography! I was pleasantly surprised, and am so excited to continue to pursue photography in college.

Thanks for stopping by! Leave some love (aka comments) or drop me a note on my facebook page if you’re interested in contacting me for photos.

Love! (: amelia

(please do not take any photos without permission. thanks!)



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