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July 12, 2011

Contest Results!

Heyyyy y’all.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day! (yes, I realize that was last week… oops…but better late then never, right?! (;)

Well, today I will cut right to the chase and say that the winner of my little sonic contest post is…bah-da-bum-ping…. TAYLOR S! Congrats, girl! I’ll contact you and we’ll get this deal goin’, and that “hot fudge swirly shake thing” in your hands!

Stay cool out there, folks. It’s turning out to be a hot and humid summer!

love always,


June 30, 2011

a little summer fun!

If you know me, you may know that my latest favorite place to hang out is this very lovely drive-in food&drink place(:.  I fondly remember the days when my dear old dad would tell us how he used to love going there with his family. Once when we visited his hometown, we stopped there for their signature drink…and I despised it! Didn’t like it at all, nope, thanks, sorry.

Well, things have changed a bit for me, thankfully! And if you haven’t quite figured it out yet…this marvelous, magical place is called SONIC and we just had one built in where I live in the last 2 years or so. And oh how much do I love it! I’ve been there so many times…and how can you not, with their “before 11” and “happy hour” deals?! SO GOOD, I TELL YOU!

And, since it’s summertime and I’m feeling generous and happy and…Sonic-y! (hahaha.) I’ve decided to host a lil’ contest here on the bloggity!  (and to boost the comments on here a little bit too. they’ve been sadly lacking. ): )

rules (or guidelines. however you look at ’em!): Post a comment on here telling me what your favorite Sonic drink is! (that’s it! soooo easy!) and if you don’t have a favorite for whatever reason-maybe you don’t have a Sonic?-then tell me your favorite summertime drink!

Then I’ll go through & randomly pick someone out the comments and VOILA! you win a Sonic giftcard! (and, again, if you don’t have a sonic near you, we’ll work something out) (:

You have until Sunday, July 3rd at midnight to comment, and I’ll announce the winner next week! (ohhh yeah. and while you’re at it… “like” my fb photography page if you haven’t! I’d love to get past 100 fans;) )

So go tell all your friends about this, and then if they win, maybe they’ll take you out to Sonic! (;

Mmmmm. & so ya know, my favorite drink is the Cranberry Limeade. YUM! (:

love always,