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May 29, 2011

Two posts in one.

I’m saving time and space since I’m kinda behind in posting. And I still have a mile long list of things to do today and it’s already 4:42! So I’mma cutting to the chase: here is Sam! She’s a dear and I love getting to know her, either via the internet or pie night at the Village. (;

check.her.outttt! isn’t she gorgeous?!
and now for family time. (;
I did Anita’s senior photos last fall and her mom wanted some portraits of the family. I’m just going to post a few favs…but boy, are they a good looking bunch!

love always!


May 16, 2011

Gonna get down on…Saturday!

Prom, prom, prom! Its what consumes the thoughts of most high school juniors and seniors. (: “My” high school had their prom last weekend and I was asked to get some pre-prom photos for some friends. It was so much fun to see everyone all dressed up in their fancy-smancy dresses and tuxes…and even a few masks! The theme was Masquerade, and some of the gals picked up adorable masks while they were down in New Orleans over Spring Break for the Chorus trip.

the rest are up on facebook!

love, love, love,


May 15, 2011

Trust me friend a hundred years goes faster than you think // So don’t blink.

Hello blogosphere!

I’ve been super busy these last few weeks, one of the reasons being finals. And guess what?! I’ve finished my freshman year of college! Wow! I still can’t believe it. Not to mention I’ve been busy at work and taking photos for various events and occasions, so it doesn’t feel like summer quite yet. (the fact that Iowa has decided after three days of being in the 80’s and 90’s that it wanted more rain and 50 degree weather has something to do with that, too!)

Anyyyhow. One of these fun shoots I did finals week was up at UNI, the local university. One of my closest high school friends is attending there, and she and her roommate wanted to do a quick photoshoot before their move-out date. What a fun idea, right!? Here’s what happens when you give 3 college freshman…errr, sophomores?!….half an hour, a college campus, and a sprinkling of rain!

That’s it for now. (; Check out more of the photos from Vanessa & Courtney’s Roomie shoot on my facebook page!

Love, love, love,


February 20, 2011

a snippet of my sunday

I’ve always loved Sundays-there is just something so refreshing about them! It may be that it is in some ways the end of a hectic week, yet the beginning of a new, unwritten one. My family always goes to church together on Sunday…at least up until this year. Now that I’m in college, my dad has said that I am able to attend church at other places. but that’s a story for later. Usually I’m still at our church, either working at the nursery counter or singing/playing for the worship team. Today I was pleasently surprised to discover I had to do neither! And even more surprised was I when I got a text yesterday from my friend Jessica, saying that she was home from college this weekend! So, I quickly made up my mind to go to her church with her family (who, I might add, is basically my second fam.)

It was really wonderful to go somewhere different for a change and just be able to enjoy the service. I never realized how much work church can be until you have a part “behind the scenes,” so to speak. The message was wonderful and I was able to catch up with my old small group leader (I went to youth group junior/senior year at this other church) as well as some other friends.

And of course, whilst catching up with Jessa, we just had to take some photos. Here’s one of the best ones! (; (sorry about the cruddy quality…I didn’t want to lug my ‘big’ camera around, so I took my point&shoot instead.)

November 24, 2010

For the Joy of Human Love…I am thankful.

just for fun, I thought I’d post some photos that my friend Kristine took of me! It’s a rare occasion that I get new artsy/pro(ish) looking photos of myself due to the fact that I’m always behind my camera snapping away. So a few weeks ago I took one of my friends out for an hour to just catch up on life and scope out some new places in the ‘ghetto’ of waterloo. (which apparently isn’t actually the ghetto but sure felt like it to me!) Of COURSE, I took my camera and we took a few shots, and I actually was pleased with the way that most of them came out!

So …enjoy some pictures of me! (; haha.

and my personal favorite….

Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow with all your family & be safe! (: I’ll hopefully put up a holiday post soon..but as my family is traveling tomorrow I’m not sure what my schedule will be like. That being said, enjoy your turkey! (:

November 14, 2010

‘Other things may change us, but we start and end with family’

Have you met my best friend, Miranda? Well, if you know me or have followed my blog, you probably have. But if you need a refresher, here’s one. (;

oh yeahhhhh. You remember her now! Who could forget a beauty like this, right?

Well, anyhow…I had the privilege of doing her family –and EXTENDED family–photos a few weekends ago. I was a little nervous. Ok, a LOT nervous! Because, get this, there were going to be 22 people there! 22! But, I got through it…with a little help from her dad’s marvelous camera that I used and the fact that they’re all sooo dang gorgeous.

but I’ll just shut up and let the pictures speak for themselves.

November 3, 2010

November! and Mikayla! Can life get better than this?

Oh my goodness. It’s NOVEMBER! Can you believe that? This semester has flown by and I don’t know when or where it went. Partially it might have to do with those 80 degree days in October. (; But I am not complaining in the least. Why? you ask. Because Amelia.loves.the.holidays. LOVES them. And I can start openly listening to my Christmas music once Halloween is past. (I listen to it –in moderation, mind you–starting in September.) And now that Thanksgiving is 3 weeks away, I can start preparing up for the holidays!

I tell all my friends that it’s cause I’m a December baby. But we’ll get into all that later, seeing as my church has a Christmas Bazaar on Saturday and I’m sure I’ll post some photos from that. (: Right now, I have a senor shoot to blog! So, now that I’m back on task…. This is Mikayla. Also known as Kayla, Kayla_jo, and Kay-Kay. Among other names. We’ve been friends for years, and her family is moving to Australia in the next month or two with the Navigators to head up their ministry there. We are all SO excited for them–as much as we’ll miss them, we know that it’s the Lord’s will and He’s got an abundance of opportunities for them there. So, Kayla and I spent a whole lovely afternoon together-eating lunch at Red Lobster and exploring Cedar Falls (including finding two .TWO!. random couches.) Oh yes, and playing with her grandpa’s new “toy.” Deeee-lightful!

Leave her some love!

ps Someone googled this and found my blog.. “ministry photos 2010 “dunk tank” ” how funny! (:

and if you want to overloaded with pictures of this gorgeous girl, visit my facebook fan page here!

February 28, 2010

goodbye, february…

Wow. It has been a long time since I posted! Over a month….sheesh.

SO. I’ve been busy, of course, and haven’t had much time to take photos, much less post them.

Last month (January!) I had a funnn weekend with my girls: Jessica, Ashley & Vanessa.

Ash & Jess with their purple dresses…

Jess and I had to try on the hats. 😀

Jess decided to play ‘dummy’ at Old Navy. Bahaha. We had fun there!

Trying on dresses. ASH! Sock violation! 😛 haha.

and for the highlight of the evening…. Dun dun dun…

Dyeing Ashley’s hair! (:

So that’s been some of the highlights of my life lately, in between school and working on scholarships. (:


It was a greattttt weekend.

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010…whoot!

Head on over to my personal blog for a post about 2009 (:

Hope y’all had a safe & fun New Year’s Eve!

❤ amelia

(my New Year’s Eve outfit, if you care! haha)