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August 28, 2011


Just a little holler out to y’all who have been faithful followers of this blog.

if you didn’t already know it…I have a new blog! It is fabulous and I love it super-duperly much. Sooooo….go check it out!

love always,
amelia renee

August 3, 2011

hi there y’all!

it’s been forever since I’ve blogged….but no, I haven’t forgotten to write a new post…or been attacked & kidnapped by alians…or died of heat stroke. (; My life has been so, so crazy this summer! I’ve been nannying, working a few nights a week at a local sub shop, and I shot my first “big” wedding (eeeek! SO can’t wait to blog that!) and then started detasseling the next morning. Did that for 12 days straight. (12 days of getting up at 5 am…not your ideal summer. Unless you detassel, of course. (; )

SOOOOOO anyhow. Just thought I’d pop on & say hi, ask how everyone’s summer is going, and let you know to keep checking back. I’ve got some pretty fab posts coming up in the next few weeks & I’m really, reeeeeeaaally excited! (: Stay cool, enjoy august, & I’ll see you all again soon. (;

love always,

(pre-sneak peak of miss naomi!  haha. if that’s allowed?) (:

May 29, 2011

Two posts in one.

I’m saving time and space since I’m kinda behind in posting. And I still have a mile long list of things to do today and it’s already 4:42! So I’mma cutting to the chase: here is Sam! She’s a dear and I love getting to know her, either via the internet or pie night at the Village. (;

check.her.outttt! isn’t she gorgeous?!
and now for family time. (;
I did Anita’s senior photos last fall and her mom wanted some portraits of the family. I’m just going to post a few favs…but boy, are they a good looking bunch!

love always!


May 16, 2011

Gonna get down on…Saturday!

Prom, prom, prom! Its what consumes the thoughts of most high school juniors and seniors. (: “My” high school had their prom last weekend and I was asked to get some pre-prom photos for some friends. It was so much fun to see everyone all dressed up in their fancy-smancy dresses and tuxes…and even a few masks! The theme was Masquerade, and some of the gals picked up adorable masks while they were down in New Orleans over Spring Break for the Chorus trip.

the rest are up on facebook!

love, love, love,


May 15, 2011

Trust me friend a hundred years goes faster than you think // So don’t blink.

Hello blogosphere!

I’ve been super busy these last few weeks, one of the reasons being finals. And guess what?! I’ve finished my freshman year of college! Wow! I still can’t believe it. Not to mention I’ve been busy at work and taking photos for various events and occasions, so it doesn’t feel like summer quite yet. (the fact that Iowa has decided after three days of being in the 80’s and 90’s that it wanted more rain and 50 degree weather has something to do with that, too!)

Anyyyhow. One of these fun shoots I did finals week was up at UNI, the local university. One of my closest high school friends is attending there, and she and her roommate wanted to do a quick photoshoot before their move-out date. What a fun idea, right!? Here’s what happens when you give 3 college freshman…errr, sophomores?!….half an hour, a college campus, and a sprinkling of rain!

That’s it for now. (; Check out more of the photos from Vanessa & Courtney’s Roomie shoot on my facebook page!

Love, love, love,


October 24, 2010


One afternoon I got to play in the leaves, run around a park, explore by a railroad, and have some balloon fun. Oh yeah, and take some photos, too! (; Meet Miss Arianna (:

September 29, 2010

|i have seen so much beauty it could make you cry|

Dearest blog readers,

I am so very sorry that I’ve been so late in posting these. But, alas, I’m a full time college student with other responsibilities and activities as well.

Anyyyway:)…I took Anita’s senior pictures going on two weeks ago. It was chilly and spitting little rain drops or mist, so I wasn’t sure if we should call it off and reschedule. But Anita was such a trooper, and I absolutely love the way they turned out! Shooting on overcast days may just be my favorite thing now! (; Miss Anita is thinking about engineering, a profession that I have a great admiration for, seeing as many of my friends’ parents are engineers (living in a John Deere community you get that a lot!) Anita, dear–enjoy the rest of your senior year! I’m excited to hear more about your college plans when that unfolds!



I am in.loveeee with this bench!

The way I actually met Anita was back in Junior High Orchestra..and she’s still involved with the orchestra up at the high school. You go girl!

Anita loves books, so we ended our session at the UNI library! (: mmmmmmhm.

September 14, 2010

Sarah | Senior ’11

Gooooooodness gracious. I am so blessed to have gorgeous friends, and Sarah is no exception! We had a blast shooting her senior session- stealing into pastures, hiding out underneath an awesome wooden bridge, and even climbing above a water fountain! (: Ladies and Gents, I give you Sarah- one of my dearest friends, and favorite seniors so far!

ps. I’m messing around with photo sizes–would you rather have them this size or the size done previously?

August 27, 2010

Miss H [Senior}

oh. my. word. Could this girl rock the camera any more than she did for me? I don’t think so! Miss H is so beautiful, and an amazing violinist to boot. Not even kidding-this girl has talent and drive like nobody else I know. We’ve know each other for the past 10 years or so (I think?) playing violin together, and the last 2 years in high school together. Ready to see some photos of Miss Gorgeous herself? (:

We caught some fun wind action. Mmmm.

Thank you, Miss H, for being fabulous! (:

Until next time,


July 25, 2010


Erin is such a joy to be around! Recently turned 16, she is now a full-fleged driver, so world, beware! She always brings a smile to your face, no matter how cloudy the day. This day, however, was perfectly sunny-just like Erin. (: We had a blast drinking Arizona, chatting it up, finding flowers & corn & berries (her personal favorite part of the shoot), evading mosquitos unsuccessfully, and playing around with some old eyewear!


sweet girl, you have no clue how beautiful you are. (:

whats a photoshoot during summer in Iowa without a little corn? (;

how has this girl not broken more hearts? cause, she has got it going on!

rockin’ the barn door….

here’s to the cutest nerd I know. (: thank you, dear, for the perfect summer day. ❤